Nowadays there are tons of good Personal trainers up there so It can be daunting and hard to find the right one.

Before reading this, I hope you know why having a Personal trainer can be a great help to you. Also, how personal trainers can help in different areas of life.

So In this article, we’re going to talk about different points to help you find a good PT.

These are 8 signs to find a good Personal Trainer:



A PT has certificates

Firstly,  PT should have the right certificate to do legally their job. That ensures that they are qualified and have the knowledge to train you and help you to realize your goals.

Note that you can ask your PT to show you his/her certificates.



A good Personal trainer has proven results

If they are in the industry of fitness for some time they should have pictures and testimonials of clients that they cared about. Especially nowadays everyone has pictures, websites, social media when you can look up for these results.

signs for a good personal trainer

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A good PT focus on you and your goals

A good Personal trainer needs to really understand you by communicating with you. The first question he needs to ask you is: “what is your goal ?” As simple as that.

Then the process can begin. If you are not sure what your goal is, the expert should ask you some right questions to find out together what they are. It’s really important to listen to you and your needs to give you the best program.



A good Personal trainer know how to motivate yourself

A good Personal trainer should be able to motivate you. Maybe not during the first session, but if he/she has well communicated with you, the PT should know what are the exercises you like or don’t like. The PT should also know how to motivate you to perform at your best and obtain the results you expect.

This should be one of the best reason for you to get yourself a personal trainer. 


A good Personal trainer advise you in nutrition

Working you out and motivate yourself is something very important to realize your goals surely. Nonetheless, to help you to tone up, lose weight, gain mass, or have better health, a good PT should definitely advise you about how and what to eat.


A good PT knows his craft

The qualified and experienced Personal trainer should know his craft. They also have to teach you and talk to your own language for you to understand why you are doing what you are doing during the training. You should be able to ask which muscles are working when you do an exercise.


A good Personal trainer warm you up and cool you down

Safety for a Personal trainer is fundamental when creating the right program. If you get injured that will delay the process toward your goals. So the PT should warm you up before doing any exercises. That should take around 5 to 10 mins at least to move your body and your articulations. In addition, your personal trainer should ad stretch in your program. This can be done after your workout or the next day depending on the training session.



A good PT communicates and gives you feedbacks

All along with the program, your PT should talk to you, ask you questions about how you feel about the exercise, or just how you feel about yourself. A good Personal trainer has to communicate with you.

So to help you reach your goals it’s not just about working out. It’s also about understanding you and how you react to be sure that you feeling well. It’s really important for you to enjoy the process as well.



To conclude

As you can see they are many signs to find a good PT, that you need to figure out to see if your Personal trainer is the right one for you. Nowadays they are many PTs so it’s really important for you to be in good hands. To succeed in your goals you need to feel confident with the PT you chose.

A good Personal trainer can help you to become healthier, better, and stronger. Chose the one that suits you.

Ps: On top of all of that, a PT is the one to make you do planks, as not many of you love to do it but it’s necessary haha. Be healthy.


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